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Thread: OpenGL Ext Viewer 4.04

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    Unhappy OpenGL Ext Viewer 4.04

    I'm getting very slow OpenGL performance and I'm looking to see why. I got OpenGL Extensions Viewer 4.04 to see what I could learn. When I run it the SUMMARY shows I'm running DirectX version 9 Shader model: vs_3_0,ps_3_0. Some time ago I updated to DirectX 11.

    Running dxdiag shows I have DirectX 11.

    I've recently update the nVidia 560Ti to driver 296.10. OpenGL Viewer shows it correctly and OpenGL 4.2.

    Is the OpenGL viewer out of data and not capable of showing DirectX 11?

    If it is capable, does this indicate a problem?

    How do I know which DirectX OpenGL is using?

    The Viewer reports this problem:
    No ICD registry entry
    The current OpenGL driver doesn't expose the SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows (NT)/CurrentVersion/OpenGLDrivers registry entry. Unable to detect the driver version, driver revision name and filename.
    Is that a problem?
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