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Thread: tutorial building for "Learning Modern 3D Graphics

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    I 'm not on bitbucket. You 're aware of it at least.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alfonse Reinheart View Post
    The mixture of languages is pretty standard.
    That does not preclude it from being a bad standard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kophay View Post
    I 'm not on bitbucket. You 're aware of it at least.
    I am whenever I read this thread. But when I decide to take time to implement more stuff in the tutorial or fix bugs, I won't necessarily remember it because I'll be working from the actual bug list on Bitbucket. For example, I had completely forgotten about this issue until you posted this reply.

    Also, you don't need a Bitbucket account to post a bug report (although it wouldn't be a bad idea, since it becomes impossible to get additional information from anonymous bug submissions).

    Quote Originally Posted by Kophay View Post
    That does not preclude it from being a bad standard.
    The greatest strength of C++, and the principle reason it has survived for as long as it has, is that it can natively and easily talk to compiled C code with minimal effort. If you consider this a bad standard, that says more about you than it does about C++.

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    brilliant thread.
    it has heroes and villains, it has drama, and it is about opengl.
    oh wait, now it seems to be about c and c++ too.
    and it is 2 years old now.
    i love it.

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    A little bit off topic, specially after all the epic adventures, but I will chime in with a little contribution.

    I had lots of trouble trying to make FreeGLUT work on OS X. It seems that doesn't support OpenGL 3.2 contexts on OS X and you need that in order to use FreeGLUT with these tutorials.

    Because of that I'm redoing the tutorials using FLGW3. I only adds parts from McKesson's framework as needed, so the simpler tutorials are easier to compiler and understand. I'm only providing an Xcode project (works straight away on OS X), but the code should be pretty much cross-platform and a Makefile should not be difficult to write.

    In case anybody is interested, you can find it here:

    Hope it helps.

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    Hi V-man.
    I have a MSVc2010 project converted from Vc6.0,and what I want to do is to reconstruct the 3D image using openGL. It function well in Vc6,but now something is wrong. The compiler says no error but the reconstructed 3D image can not be seen. The display part is black and sometimes I can see a flickering reconstructed 3D image. Can you please give me some advices about why? Thank you very much.

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