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I don't agree. It's more elegant and future proof to create these premake scripts and get ready for dozens of DEV tools. If you add VS solutions and projects, then for what version of VS? What if the user has an older version of VS? Using premake4 is not too dificult. Imho using premake is much more simple then using makefiles and CMake.
I was perhaps a bit too brief. I did mention cmake, and the idea is that you can make cmake to produce VS solution with proper project dependencies. You make all executable projects depend on the libraries they need. You can even do this with both libraries which you include as part of your source, and also with external libraries which are located during cmake configuration step. I see no reason why a build should end in an error due to missing dependency. Such errors should be reported by the meta build tool, which should also do some effort to locate the libraries during configure step.