I'm just trying to tell you how other people see things
No, you're telling me how you see things. Then you extrapolate from this, proposing that your view is universal and I'm wrong if I don't follow along.

That doesn't mean you aren't right. But it also doesn't mean that you are right. It is simply your perspective.

That's a rather emotional, theoretical, ideological objection.
Yes it is. I have no problems making decisions based on emotional, theoretical, and ideological bases.

And again, we're not talking about some onerous burden here. It's one command line. So I don't see how it's such a big deal.

Thanks at least for licensing your code sanely; none of the other extension wrapper projects do.
GLEW: uses what is effectively the BSD license, though they don't exactly call it that.

GLee (effectively defunct): uses the modified BSD license. Equivalent to MIT.

GL3w: Public domain.

GLxx: BSD license (though GPL for the actual build scripts).

So what extension wrapper projects are you talking about? The Klay Game Engine's GLloader library (I have no idea what license it uses; I saw a 100MB zipped download and decided against it)?