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Thread: Render to texture, without FBO

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    Re: Render to texture, without FBO

    About old pbuffers, the most annoying is the OS-dependant code needed, that limits the cross-platform aspect. But it is better than backbuffer if you have no other choice.

    Even using only the backbuffer, you can still 'state' buffers are separate, before doing clean then actual rendering to the backbuffer.

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    Re: Render to texture, without FBO

    These Intels actually do support RTT under D3D so the hardware is certainly capable. I suspect that the problem may be that GL_EXT_framebuffer_object includes glGenerateMipmap, which Intel have historically seemed to have difficulties with (in D3D as well as OpenGL).

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    Re: Render to texture, without FBO

    I need users to be able to render to the back buffer and any other buffers, in any order.

    For example, this could cause a problem:
    -render to back buffer
    -render to other buffer
    -swap back buffer

    I suppose I could copy the back buffer to a temp texture, render to the back buffer, copy the back buffer to the target texture, then copy back from the temp texture to the back buffer.

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