I read this somewhat disheartening summary in the slides from the recent GDC presentation by Bill Licea-Kane:

"Noise - Fail!"

However, that does not need to be the case any longer. Recent development by Ian McEwan at Ashima Art has given us a new take on hardware friendly noise in GLSL:


It might not seem like much, but his algorithm has all the hardware-friendly properties you want, some of which my old GLSL simplex noise demo was missing. In summary, it's fast, it's a simple include (no dependencies on texture data or uniform arrays), it runs in GLSL 1.20 and up (OpenGL 2.1, WebGL) and it scales well to a massively parallel execution because there are no memory access bottlenecks.

Concerning this, I would like to get in touch with some people in the Khronos GLSL workgroup. I was last involved in this around 2003-2004, and my contact list is badly outdated. Are any of the good people in the GLSL WG reading this? My email address is "stegu@itn.liu.se", if you want to keep this private. Just please respond, as I think this is great news.

/Stefan Gustavson