Hate to have to post about this, but every post I have found on this exact problem either the talk trailed off or the person never said how they fixed it.
Im doing deferred lighting in view space, constructing view space position from standard 24bit depth (/stencil) buffer texture. Im setting the model view matrix to just a viewing matrix, reading it back, and multiplying my lights world direction and position with it before passing it to the shader.
All the lighting looks correct (when not moving, every is correct, relative to walls floor, each other, etc), but when the camera moves, towards the edge of the screen, you can see the lights position moves in the opposite direction the camera moves, its pretty much 1:1. If I strafe left, the lights go right, if I go down, they go up. If I rotate the view, they seem to rotate in the opposite direction.
Im pretty sure everything is in the correct space or the spot lights wouldnt be pointed correctly, and the point lights wouldnt be where I want them to be (when not moving), theres just this side effect when I move, and I cant figure where else I should be looking.
Ive been pulling my hair out trying to figure what is causing it any help would be appreciated.