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Now that OpenGL allows to store and load shader objects.

Do something about the big/little endian issue that can happen when transporting information from one to another machine.
You cannot transport the stored shader binaries from one computer to another, that's not what ARB_get_program_binary is for.
If you check the extension spec you can clearly see that it is primarily only for caching as there is no guarantee that the binary format will be the same across operating systems, hardware vendors or even driver versions.

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On wikipedia there is an advantage to little endianness.

Little endian seems to have a technical advantage here.
(Simpler circuit for doing the same.)

The best choice seems that every file would be best written in/with little endian.

(I find the bigger memory location is more significant byte very intuitive and logical.)
Why? What does "simper circuit" do with how you store a binary data on disk? Also the shader binary is just an array of bytes. Why endianness matter there?