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Thread: Lightning models

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    Lightning models

    I've got some questions about the lighting models in OpenGL. Can you help me to solve this questions? Thanks a lot.

    • What types of light sources are known in OpenGL?
    • On which local illumination model based the lighting model in OpenGL?
    • With what OpenGL command used to set the surface normal of a primitive one vertex down? What factors are important in the indication?

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    Re: Lightning models

    For your homework, please read the nice documentation for GL 1.1 :

    Something to note, your learning course is getting obsolete, as these questions only makes sense in the GL fixed pipeline, which is getting redundant since OpenGL 2.0 (5 years old), and is even removed from recent GL 3.2 Core ...
    Of course, the old theory is still useful to learn, but it is not an "OpenGL course", and more "computer graphics history".
    Modern specs can be found here :

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