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Thread: Texture Array tiles and multisampling

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    Texture Array tiles and multisampling

    I'm in the middle of experimenting with a virtual-texture approach that uses Texture-Arrays for the page-cache instead of one large texture and virtually dividing in the shader.
    Ideally i would like to avoid requiring a border around my pages, which just about every implementation out there has to make sure blending between pixels is smooth.

    But of course now i have jaggies between pages when i render my virtual texture.
    I hoped that these jaggies would, more or less, disappear if i used MSAA .. but unfortunately there didn't seem to be any effect on the texels within a polygon? (all my polygon edges are nicely antialiased)

    Can anyone tell me if this is 'normal' behavior, a hardware specific 'optimalisation' or could it just be bad frame-buffer configuration on my part?


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    Re: Texture Array tiles and multisampling

    That is pretty much the exact definition of MSAA

    And besides, you can not expect antialiasing to help, when texture is magnified (1 texel -> more that 1 pixel).

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