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Thread: Use of system

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    Use of system

    Hi: I am a new user, coding in C++ with Microsoft Visual Studio and MFC. I am using the dc.MoveTo() and dc.LineTo() functions to plot coordinates, however, they do not "plot" in 3D. I was told that OpenGL will plot in 3D therefore interested in using OpenGL. When I try to download the system, all I get access to is libraries and utilities, no main system. Therefore, I conclude that to use the system, one still can use C++ with callable routines and library elements as long as they are available. My questions are:

    -Is this a true assumption?

    -What needs to be downloaded to use OpenGL?

    -Where does one put the routine, functions and headers?

    Please let me know, thanks, Sid Kraft

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    Re: Use of system

    Do you mean Rendering Context when you mention "Main system" ???

    A glut is not a separate software like MS VS but a collection of library files and source files.

    OpenGL has dlls and lib files that can be easily integrated.

    A1. if you mean whether one can use C++ with opengl lib functions, then yes.glut (opengl api ) has its own commands that generates its own applet. This is same just like in MFC you have the concept of DCs and RCs.

    A2. opengl lib file :glut32.lib , dlls : glut.dll . Include them in your project path under settings. Also include the directories containing source files and header files.

    A3. After main() of C/C++ is called , there is a list of command that will allow you to position, setup and display the applet. This applet is also called rendering context where your lines , points shall be drawn on issuance of commands.

    If you want to know details of this applet , then yes, the opengl lib package has functions that make use of system resources (Device Context) to display applet. similar to what win32 is to MFC. But you do not have to bother about.

    glut is an opengl package . similarly Qt is another package. Motif is also used but for Non Window OS.

    After setting up rendering context, you need to position your camera and then issue calls to draw something.

    OpenGL Redbook and many sites are available for short introductory course on opengl.

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    Re: Use of system

    Sidney, this is not the right section, should be in Windows section IMO.

    First read the Opengl Wiki:

    Especially the getting started section and look also at the end of the the page for all useful links to create your first Opengl window.

    All development files come with visual C++. You may also need to download the platform sdk from the microsoft site. Install the latest drivers for your graphic hardware and you are ready to start!

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    Re: Use of system

    Quote Originally Posted by Sidney
    I am a new user ... I was told that OpenGL will plot in 3D therefore interested in using OpenGL
    Are you aware that you will have to do a lot of programming in C, C++, or some other language to plot things in 3D with OpenGL? It's not trivial. Unless you really like programming, I'd suggest you look for a software package that can plot your data in 3D. A good site to look at for getting started with OpenGL is the NeHe tutorials.
    Am I doing your homework for you?

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