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Thread: "Adaptive Terrain Tesselation on the GPU"

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    "Adaptive Terrain Tesselation on the GPU"

    These slides on NVIDIA's website are from a presentation on terrain tessel(l)ation.

    terrain slides

    It's hard for me to glean a lot of information from the slides without the accompanying presentation. As far as I know, only ATI has an extension for Direct3D 9 and 10 that exposes a hardware tessellator. The tesselator is being added to Direct3D 11. Does NVIDIA have support for hardware tessellation? Is support ever going to be added to OpenGL?


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    Re: "Adaptive Terrain Tesselation on the GPU"

    The slides mention the hull shader, which is a D3D11 concept, so I'm guessing it's for their next generation hardware.

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    Re: "Adaptive Terrain Tesselation on the GPU"

    There's mention of tessellation (and its OpenGL history) in a recent Siggraph Asia 2008 OpenGL presentation, so it's probably a good bet something's en route for GLSL.

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