Today ATI released Catalyst 9.1 driver with full OpenGL 3.0 context. I thought maybe it's time to move my code to 3.0 context. Tried to install new Catalyst and all I can say - I'm very disappointed.

If I don't use WGL_ARB_create_context then all is ok - OGL 2.1 works fine. But if I try to create 3.0 context (it doesn't matter forward compatible or not) things gets "interesting":

1) glGetString(GL_VERSION) crashes somewhere in atioglxx.dll file. glGetInteger(GL_MAJOR/MINOR_VERSION) works fine - returns 3.0
2) glGetStringi(GL_EXTENSIONS, 1) returns NULL (also with any other valid extension number as second argument)
3) glGetString(GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION) in forward compatible context returns "1.20" instead of "1.30"

I'm afraid to imagine what else there is broken if even simple things like getting version does not work...

(this happens on Vista 32-bit, HD2400)