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Thread: howto render 3d image from raytracing dataset

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    howto render 3d image from raytracing dataset

    I have a raw dataset that I'm supposed to raytrace with cuda to make 3d images.. I have a quite decent idea on how to ray trace.. but I can't figure out how to get make the image using openGL

    any idea's on how to do this.. as far as I can see from some forums, ppl suggest PBO.. but how do I get the data into a PBO, and then how do I render it?


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    Re: howto render 3d image from raytracing dataset

    the easiest way is probably using glTexSubImage2D
    Just create a texture of an appropriate size and then just update the data as you wish, works great.
    Here is what i use.
    where y is the last row i am on and rows is how many rows per batch i am updating.

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