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Thread: Rumours about a rewrite of Opengl specification

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    Rumours about a rewrite of Opengl specification

    In this webpage:

    the author says:
    - still missing, however, there is hope that it will be included in the next release where the ARB plans to rewrite the whole structure of the core specification
    Is it true?
    Is the working group going to or planning to make and bring a revamped OpenGL out?

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    Re: Rumours about a rewrite of Opengl specification

    Actually I wrote that and on the slides presented at SIGGRAPH there were some words about it.

    It doesn't mean a rewrite of the API but more of a rewrite of the actual specification text to have a structure that better reflects the architecture of modern OpenGL. That's why I think that this may be the time when they plan to add DSA, but let's see what others say
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    Re: Rumours about a rewrite of Opengl specification

    If you want to see the presentation, you can find it here (PDF).

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