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As work is already underway for the next release, this is exactly the right time to bring up functionality that you want either as an OpenGL 3.0 extension or for the next core release. (Index buffer offsetting is on that list already)
(yay! replying to the same thing twice).

Honestly Rob, give us a reason to bother/care?
Because the last time we were asked we were presented with OpenGL3.0 which was accepted as the best thing to happen to OpenGL, got praise left, right and center and generally became a "DO WANT!" from the community.

Then, 2 years later, you turn around and drop all these plans because the CAD and related industries don't want it and have the cheek to turn around to us and say 'hey guys.. what do you want?'.

We told you, you gave us this.
If you want to know what people want in the future go ask those CAD people who made us end up with this because it's obvious at this point that what the general community wants doesn't matter and, in some regards, never did.