One think which OpenGL is going to benefit from under these curcumstances is that on non Microsoft platform there is no real alternative but to use OpenGL so no matter how much they alienate their developer base they have little choice but to wait until ARB come out with the new release.

Don't make me form a sharp implement out of a GL Triangle Fan and start poking ARB members with it mercylessly. *poke* *poke* *poke* Still won't talk? I can keep this up all day muhahahahar *poke* *poke* *poke*

Another thing which was hinted of as regards potential to remove the GLDOUBLE type as part of some changes designed to simplify driver development. I would be a bit concerned about the long term consequences of removing the use of double precision primitives in OpenGL. Certanly today and for a long time the hardware implementations of the vertex creation and geometric operations and such are implemented as 32bit precision (usually corresponding to a float). The world is going 64bit though and it is not inconceivable that 3D graphics geometry migrates to 64bit precision too. Looking down the line then having the double precision based functions still around in the future would provide a migration path if that happens.