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Thread: getting uniform variable location

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    getting uniform variable location

    every time i call glGetUniformLocation() it returns -1

    the program runs fine but i cant change any of the uniform variables

    they are declared like this:

    uniform sampler2D textures;
    uniform int numTextures;

    any ideas

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    Re: getting uniform variable location

    Can you post the part of your code where you are calling this? Usually a -1 means that the uniform variable is not found in the specified program object, or that it starts with a reserved prefix gl_*.

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    Re: getting uniform variable location

    are you using your variables?

    This is from the spec:

    "A uniform is considered “active” if it is determined by the compiler
    and linker that the uniform will actually be accessed when the executable code is

    any unactive variable will probably return -1.

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