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Thread: GLSL binding "constants" suggesstions

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    GLSL binding "constants" suggesstions

    In the current GLSL, you have to all glGetUniformLocationARB to get the "constant number/location" of your uniform.... Why not to do as Direct3D HLSL:

    void main ( unifrom float4 lightPos : register(C0) )


    void main ( uniform sampler2D baseTex : register(S0) )

    where C0 is contant 0(loc==0) and S0 is sampler 0 ( loc==0 ) ???

    Ok, I can understand that forcing the uniform location can affect optimization, but....

    thx in advance.

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    Re: GLSL binding "constants" suggesstions

    Because there are no registers.
    It's simple.

    GLSL method is much more flexible one. You can bind anything to anything. DX doesn't allow you to do this.

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