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Thread: invalid swizzle for scalar op

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    invalid swizzle for scalar op

    I am trying to move my shader code from OSX 10.2 to 10.3 and I am getting new shader compiler errors. The error might be platform specific but then again I might have been doing something boneheaded which the old compiler did not catch.

    The exact error I am getting is:
    "invalid swizzle for scalar op (hint: 'specular')"

    The code being referred in the error to is:

    Code :
    TEMP specular, lightVec1, normal, ...;
    # high power specular
    MOV		specular, lightVec1;
    DP3		specular, normal, specular;
    POW		specular, specular, 1000;  # ERROR HERE
    # the same error also applies to:
    POW		specular, specular, 1000.0;
    There is some problem with the POW instruction and it seems to be related to the operands. I tried replacing the inline constant with a constant variable but got the same error. What's wierd is that the compiler is complaining about a scalar op but there is no scalar type declaration, only floating point temporary variables TEMP (to my knowledge).

    Commenting out the line with the POW instruction eliminates the error. I get similar errors for the RSQ and RCP instructions.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: invalid swizzle for scalar op

    The POW function takes scalar operands not vector operands. You probably need to do something like this:

    POW scalar.x, scalar.x;

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    Re: invalid swizzle for scalar op

    You are right. It appears a 'scalar' operation only applies to a single component of a vector. Thus,

    POW specular.x, specular.x, 1000.0;

    works like a charm. Thanks for the help.


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