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Thread: got any tutorial?

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    got any tutorial?

    i am a newbie in the world of extensions and shaders. I'd like to write some good shader program, but as for now i am lost in a sea of assembly like code and criptic speg files.
    Are there some very introductory tutorials about GL_VERTEX_PROGRAM_ARB and FRAGMENT_PROGRAM_ARB? Just the kind of stuff u need to get started (like the good ole nehe tutorials)...
    thank u
    the gunslinger

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    Re: got any tutorial?

    Here are some links I found useful, reading and trying to understand different fp's & vp's always help you get a grasp on what's going on.
    (Near the bottom of the page)

    You should also search this forum and for "fragment program", you'll find lots of stuff.

    Oh, and of course:

    Good luck.

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