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Thread: Simplex noise in GLSL

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    Re: Simplex noise in GLSL

    I for one would appreciate it if Nvidia tightened up their GLSL conformance, or at least made their non-standard extensions to GLSL something you had to ask for, not something you have to go to great lengths to avoid having.
    Stephan, I suggest you to check your shaders against the generic 3DLabs compiler (If use the Shader Designer, it is built-in, in the generic compiler tab)
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    Re: Simplex noise in GLSL

    Hi there

    Runs at impressive 0.06 FPS (though the window claims it to be 0.1) on my Radeon 9600XT.

    And well, it looks like... i donīt know... itīs a sphere....with some undescribable texture (??).

    Certainly it is much more interessting, if you get the animation without illegal use of drugs.

    Hope you get it fixed for us ATI guys, soon.


    PS: I am using the latest official ATI drivers.
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