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Thread: be leaders not followers.

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    be leaders not followers.

    come up with some NEW ideas that havent been thought of yet and implement them in Software and wait for the hardware to catch up

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    Re: be leaders not followers.

    How about profiling registers for optimization? (like the pentium)

    If you look at games, most time is spend in the rendering pipeline...

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    Re: be leaders not followers.

    An effective and universal texture layer combination api is required ...
    Supporting about 8-element arbitral polynomials for each set of layers, and some sources having a constant coefficient and two value sources, one of each is inverted (1/x) .... this will allow to make effects possible ... specular bump mapping with reflections affected by perturbed normals will be a kids game. Any suggestions ? Contact me at - wish to change the OpenGL world one cool extension and a good piece of silicon will do the job.
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