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Thread: SiS cards

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    SiS cards

    could you please make sis cards compatable because i have a sis 620 and opengl wont detect it.

    If it already is please tell me

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    Re: SiS cards

    It's up to the manufacturer of your card/chip to support OpenGL. Ask them instead.

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    Re: SiS cards

    The sis cards IMHO don't support OpenGL, only D3D... and even that pretty crappy
    I have the sis 620 onboard and it pretty much sucks as far as quality and performance are concerned (shared memory, no fillrate worth mentioning, etc.).
    My suggestion: get a graphics card

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    Re: SiS cards

    There was a try of writing a GLX SiS opengl driver for XFree86 3.* under Linux.
    Once I managed to run QuakeIII, that was quite ugly (1 or 2 years ago) : there were'nt really any texture, there were all mixed up.

    But I repeat this was 1 or 2 years ago.

    Advice: try it then buy a new card.
    You may not have an AGP port on your motherboard, as the Sis620 is build onboard. So you may purchase a PCI card like a TNT2 or a GeForce 2MX.

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