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Thread: OpenGL representation of a plane

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    OpenGL representation of a plane

    How would one render a representation of a plane, with the standard equation ax+by+cz+d=0, knowing say, just that plane and a general idea of the size of the quadrelateral that is to represent it, as in it's length and width?

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    Re: OpenGL representation of a plane

    find 4 points that satisfy the plane equation and use them to draw a quadrilateral. that may actually be kind of hard to do.

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    Re: OpenGL representation of a plane

    Find the largest component of the plane's normal. This tells you which of the "main" planes (XY, XZ or YZ) the plane is closest to. Let's say that Z is the normal's largest component. This means the plane is most closely aligned to the XY plane.

    Given this knowledge, you can generate four points in the XY plane to form a square. Then fill in the four Z components of these points by filling in X and Y in the plane equation.

    -- Tom

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