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Thread: Bucubic Interpolation Help !!!!

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    Bucubic Interpolation Help !!!!

    I've been trying to implement bicubic interpolation for enlarging images, and I found an explanation for bicubic interpolation here

    and I've implemented it, but it does not seem to be working. I tried it on a single 2x2 image, with the 4 pixel values of Red,Blue,Yellow, and Green, and after enlarging the 2x2 image to an 8x8 image, it simply had a faded dark red in the upper left and then diagnolly down to the right was a darker red, then every other pixel was black.

    Can anybody help me with my code?

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    Re: Bucubic Interpolation Help !!!!

    Try this

    Following Bi-Cubic interpolation are implemented in this.
    Triangular, Bell, BSpline, CatMull Rom.

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    Re: Bucubic Interpolation Help !!!!

    Thanks GL Starter, for this wonderful link

    I have until now only using standards GL_[NEAREST|LINEAR][_MIPMAP_[NEAREST|LINEAR]] minify/magnify texture filters or "basics" shaders for to handle interlaced video frames and results from various bi-cubic interpolations explained in this link (like B-Spline or Catmull-Rom interpolations for example) seem really impressionnants ...

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