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Thread: Video textures in OpenGL & Linux

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    Video textures in OpenGL & Linux

    I am doing a project with OpenGL on Linux that requires fast updating of textures in texture memory (for video), and alot of texture mapping in general.

    Can anyone suggest a hardware acceleration GL card with a Linux driver that has lots of texture memory and very good memory bandwidth to the host and all around? The ability to update those textures fast is important, as is general rendering performance of course.

    Thanks for any hints you can give me...

    s t e f a n agamanolis

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    Re: Video textures in OpenGL & Linux

    The GeForce series take advantage of AGP x4 protocol for fast texture tranfer.
    The Hercules Prophet II card comes with GeForce2 GTS with 64Mb ram. You can also check the latest ATI Radeon chip, although I would recommend the GeForce.

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