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Thread: glx.h in linux and compiling

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    glx.h in linux and compiling

    With the release of the nvidia drivers for Xfree 4.0, I installed them and had hardware accelerated opengl in linux.
    However, I have a question for those that care to respond. Can I now develop and have work applications that use glx(and count on full interoptability between linux and irix) and if so where can I find the header files and appropriate libraries for glx. Should I already have the libraries with xfree 4.0?

    Aaron Bryden

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    Re: glx.h in linux and compiling

    Unfortunatly, there is no "free" OpenGL implementation under Linux, but there is a replacement: MesaGL, which is build into XFree4.0

    So use the MesaGL development toolkit to have all headers and library...

    If you use nVidia OpenGL drivers and libs, you have to link Mesa libs to nVidia libs to be able to link against nVidia libs (they have no import libs). Unfortunalty I cannot tell you more, since I have broken my setup since 0.92 drivers install... But I had no problem with 0.9 and Mesa

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