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Thread: Small Prob ????

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    Small Prob ????

    On my system runs Xfree403 and everything seems to be all right... but if i try to start an opengl screensaver there's only a black screen and nothing else....

    and in the log file there's a warning like that: GL cannot draw in Root visual (or so...) (sorry, im german and i tried to translate the message)

    please help me if you can... i need OpenGL so much

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    Re: Small Prob ????

    Can you run *any* OpenGL programs?

    You may need the following in your XF86Config-4:

    Code :
    Section "DRI"
    Mode 0666
    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Small Prob ????

    it have installed Unreal.... and i must say, it's running (i don't know why)
    but all my nice OpenGL screensavers do not work...
    .... I'll try your code... i hope it will work...

    bugreport will come

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    Re: Small Prob ????

    so... i've inserted the code, but nothing has changed.. ut works, but screensavers not...
    what does the code do?
    or is there another problem???
    please help me

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