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Thread: NVidia kernel module under 2.4.x

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    NVidia kernel module under 2.4.x

    Has anyone had any luck getting the NVidia kernel module (0.9-5) to compile against 2.4 headers?

    [from make install]
    In file included from nv.c:77:
    /usr/include/linux/spinlock.h:10: warning: `spin_lock_irqsave' redefined
    /usr/i386-glibc21-linux/include/asm/spinlock.h:32: warning: this is the location of the previous definition

    This is a stock RH7 system, using kgcc.


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    Re: NVidia kernel module under 2.4.x

    Well, to answer my own question, I needed the patch that is linked on this page:

    Now, if only I could get it to work for more than 10 minutes I'd be happy.

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