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Thread: Plib help.

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    Plib help.

    I've been using the wonderful Plib under Linux for a while now. However I've got to the point where I want to port my apps, to show off to my backward friends, who only have M$ windowz.

    Does anyone have it compiled under windowz? Or possible a borland make/project file? I'm using the new freeware version of borland builder.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Plib help.

    I am student who tried to port OpenGL code to Win32. It was terrible. You may look into the error message of MS's compiler without understanding. I suggest not to port

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    Re: Plib help.

    i have compiled plib under Windows and it works fine ! I used VC++ 6 and nothing bad happened.
    then link it with the neww plib libraries, you'll then be ready to use your programm on both Linux and Windows !

    by the way (i don't use plib anymore, but...), do you use the display list or not ? because i wanted to use them with plib, but it didn't worked ! I'd have to take all datas and make my own function !
    how do you find that ?

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