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Thread: TNT2 Problem

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    TNT2 Problem


    I'm getting a strange problem with most openGL apps. When I execute a program a new openGL generated window appears as expected, but all the program's output appears at the top left hand corner of my screen. This happens with just about 95% of all the openGL demos found at NeeHee Productions.

    Would this be a problem involving glut?
    I'm running: TNT2, Redhat 7.0, Xfree86 4.01, 0.9-5 nvidia driver

    - Jeff

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    Re: TNT2 Problem

    This is usually caused by having a file that is from Mesa or some other source other than the nvidia drivers. Check to make sure all your libGL files symlink to (assuming you are running the .9-5 drivers) If they dont, then remove the file then run ldconfig.


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    Re: TNT2 Problem

    That did the trick.

    Thanks alot!

    - Jeff

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