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Thread: Beginer

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    Please send me an working example , if possible with comments , on Linux RedHat Nvidia Riva.
    Thank You !

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    Re: Beginer

    What wrong ??
    Do you have any problems with compiling OpenGL programs or running ?
    Do you use mesa or the accelerated 3d drivers avaiable from the Nvidia web site ??

    So i have a 7.0 LInux Red Hat with the accelerated 3d driver (GLX 0.96)
    and everythink is fine (1 lookup a week . And hae a lot of opengl code
    from the standart example, evailable with Mesa or Glut, to my own code allowing to import Blender'object...

    You should be more precise of what you want...
    and what is your problem ??

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