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Thread: Specular hilight and texturemapping...

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    Specular hilight and texturemapping...

    Is it standard for specular hilights with textures to not work right, or is it that implementations of opengl do not want to support correct specular hilights with texture mapping?

    Its a very annoying to set up your specular hilights correctly and then to put a texture on your object to find out the specular gets screwed up. Now it seems I am going to have to put specular highlighting on a transparent layer, does that sound like the only solution? (If I am going to do that maybe I should even go ahead and try doing per-texel lighting as well )

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    Re: Specular hilight and texturemapping...

    Yes, correct specular color requires a separate pass in vanilla OpenGL. The extension below solves this problem.
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    Re: Specular hilight and texturemapping...

    Thanks, I looked it up and implemented it, unfortunetly my video card doesn't support it, so I don't know if it really works, alternatively I set up the code to support drawing the specular of an object by redrawing the object black and using additive blending, and it looks much much better ...

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