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Thread: Tiled Height Field question?

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    Tiled Height Field question?

    I am writing a terrain editor, the terrain is editable by squares.

    ie 100 x 100 = 10000 editable terrain squares, in one square you could place a grass tile, in another water etc...

    my problem is the number of polygons 20,000 if I use quads.

    I was hoping to use tessalation to remove unneeded triangles by joing squares that have the same elevation.

    BUT then I will loose my tile coordinates for the squares, so I will not be able to have 100 tiles by 100.

    example normal
    (a letter = tile)


    But if I use tesselation

    I will have to texture B and C as one quad
    wont I?

    as certain tiles will have been eaten up into a larger one, Is there a way round this?


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    Re: Tiled Height Field question?

    if i've understood, you need to use different textures on a single primitive.

    unless you use multitexturing with a bit of work on texture coordinates, you can't assign more than one texture to a quad (to any primitive, indeed).


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