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Thread: How to convert vrml viewpoint to glulookat?

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    How to convert vrml viewpoint to glulookat?

    Does anyone know how to convert vrml viewpoint which has to following attributes:

    fieldOfView fov_angle
    orientation x, y, z, angle
    position x, y, z

    to a gluLookAt, which composes of position,
    aim, and up vectors.

    Any help or web page link will be much appreciated. Many thanks.

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    Re: How to convert vrml viewpoint to glulookat?

    >fieldOfView fov_angle
    >orientation x, y, z, angle
    >position x, y, z

    Here is what I did in my VRML loader:

    void ViewpointDisplay(VIEWPOINT *viewpoint)
    if (viewpoint != NULL)
    gluPerspective(viewpoint->fieldOfView * RAD2DEG, dAspect, zNear, zFar);
    glRotatef(-viewpoint->orientation[3] * RAD2DEG, viewpoint->orientation[0], viewpoint->orientation[1], viewpoint->orientation[2]);
    glTranslate(-viewpoint->position[0],-viewpoint->position[1], -viewpoint->position[2]);


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