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Thread: Multisample with two monitors

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    Multisample with two monitors

    My application must run in two monitors using an unique grapchic card, in my case a nVidia 7800 GTX. I want to use multisample antialiasing in both monitors, then when I create the windows I reserve four samples for each window. The problem is that when I begin rendering the scene a OpenGl error happens telling that there are memory problems. If I reduce the number of samples to two samples, I have not memory problems, but the application runs extremely slow. Besides If I run the application in a unique monitor, with multisample activated i have not any problem, neither memory problem nor speed problem.
    I would thank if samebody could tell me how I can render in two monitor with the multisample activated.

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    Re: Multisample with two monitors

    Reduce the overall resolution.
    Be sure to be in nView "span" mode, with 3d acceleration.
    How much video memory do you have ?

    According to :
    The hardware viewport maximum is (independently from video ram) :
    Max. viewport size 4096 x 4096

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