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Thread: Degenerate Tri-Strips vs Tri-Lists Again

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    Degenerate Tri-Strips vs Tri-Lists Again

    After reading Nvidia's presentations from the GameDeveloperConference, i have picked up conflicting information. In Richard Huddy's presentation he recommends using Degenerate Tri-Strips (via indexing) while the OpenGL optimizations indicate to *never* use Degenerate Tri-Strips. Perhaps that indication is for non-indexed strips?

    It seems that if your mesh data is already arranged as a batch of Tri-Strips, then connecting those batches via a degenerate tri format reduces index-bandwidth and gives the driver less to fetch per-triangle into the cache-

    Any clarifications or recommendations would be helpful- ATI? Matrox?

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    Re: Degenerate Tri-Strips vs Tri-Lists Again

    How about writing a test case and timing it? I'd be very interested in seeing what results you'd come up with.

    I also believe the main penalty is in the set-up overhead per call to DrawElements(), rather than the extra two vertexes to start a new strip, at least for hardware transform and lighting.
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