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Thread: Choosing pixel format after Direct Draw

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    Choosing pixel format after Direct Draw

    Hi, All!

    I've got a problem. I need that my prog work on full screen in different resolution, so : I create window; switch video mode by using Direct Draw on needed resolution; get window DC by GetDC; ChoosePixelFormat and so on. On Windows 98 this way works perfectly and I can get OpenGL even on 300x200 on fullscreen.
    But on Windows 2000 when I try ChoosePixelFormat for DC that I get from GetDC program has crashed.

    What happend? Can I avoid it? How I can do this?

    Mayday, Mayday!! Please respond anybody!!!

    Yours, Mad Max.

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    Re: Choosing pixel format after Direct Draw

    Perhaps you shouldn't stick with DirectX...
    Just use ChangeDisplaySettings / EnumDisplaySettings to change to your screen mode. That's working fine for me.

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