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Thread: Banshee

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    Is a creative labs banshee good at accelerating opengl. A simple large cube with a texture map runs pretty dang slow. 5 frames per second slow and i have a AMD K2-450 and a banshee video card. The cubes 100x100. Its back face is culled.

    If it is my card whats the best card for opengl under 200 bucks? Also i put my stuff on my web site. What are the top 5 cards i should recommend the downloaders to have?



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    Re: Banshee

    Your problem is most likely that your program runs in software mode. This is probably due to no OpenGL-drivers.

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    Re: Banshee

    Humus is right: I'm also using a Voodoo Banshee with a Pentium II-450 and I get about 100 fps.

    Try to get newer drivers. In my case, this didn't help, I had to use GLSetup ( to get things going.

    If you want to know absolutely for sure if you are using hardware acceleration, call
    glGetString (GL_VENDOR). It returns the name of the driver's manufacturer (right word?). If you are using hardware support, it's "3dfx", otherwise it is "Microsoft".


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