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Thread: please help with skybox question!

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    please help with skybox question!

    here is my problem:
    i have a flight simulator that does all of its movements based on the modelview matrix. the only place that the camera moves on is either the positive or negative z axis. pitch roll and yaw all occer by altering the x y z vectors in the matrix. the problem is that the skybox does not move with the camera. i tried to fix this by translating the skybox to where the camera is by simpily translating it up or down the z but it did not work.

    does anyone know what is wrong with this or what a simple fix is. can i translate a skybox i am assuming i can because all logic says yes but i am not really sure if this is true. any help is appreciated.

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    Re: please help with skybox question!

    What if you try something like this:

    Push Modelview onto stack
    Load Identity matrix
    Render skybox centered at the origin
    Pop Modelview off stack

    Render Scene


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