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Thread: NV register combiers into standard OpenGL?

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    NV register combiers into standard OpenGL?

    I have a rendering system for the main characters in the game with effectivly five textures.
    -specular map
    -team coloured enhancements
    -team coloured enhancements

    I render diffuse lighting first pass (lighting+glow+specular*spec) and then multiply the 2nd standard colour (base with team textures A and B alpha alpha blended with it) pass with it.

    Can I get this to work on the old ATI Radeons with three TMUs and other low end cards with 3+ TMUs? (SiS Xabre, Trident XP4, ST Micro Kyro, Intel 845G)

    What about for cards with just one or two TMUs? Normally the equation is sort of first pixel=(diffuse+emissive+spec*specmap) and then finalpixel = first pixel*(a|b|c). I have to change the equation, don't I?

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    Re: NV register combiers into standard OpenGL?

    I think GL_ATI_texture_env_combine3 might help you for the old Radeon.

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