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Thread: gluUnProject

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    hi, something wrong appends when i get the z value from a hit selection because the value is up than 1.0 and when i pass this value to the gluUnproject() method, of course the x, y, z coodinates of the scene are wrong??

    Is this pb coming from the z value returned?

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    Re: gluUnProject

    Actually i still testing on this method..
    so.. i'm not sure my way is correct or not!!!
    but i can share it with u ...

    Try to set the far clipping plane to large value... and u will get a big volume on your projection....

    Try to put all the objects within the far and near clipping plane...and draw a line from near clipping plane to far clipping plane...

    Try to make an intersection within a line and the objects which are collide... then u will get the exact x, y ,z...

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