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Thread: Joystick Programming

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    Joystick Programming

    Hi, I just finished programming a good part of my game engine, and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good way to add joystick support? For right now I'm using GLUT, and I'm not familiar with any GLUT_JOYSTICK anything.....

    -Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Joystick Programming

    Well, it all depends on what platform and language you are using. If Win32 on VC++ or something, you could try to use DirectX or standard Win32 functions.

    Basically, it's not an OpenGL thing, open GL is graphics, not IO.

    I personally use the Cygwin compilers/environment and the PLIB libraries. Nice and portable, and GPL too. The js routines work great and were fairly simple to get going, just have to follow (or should I say steal?) their example source...


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