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Thread: skirt shines through surface. z-fighting?

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    skirt shines through surface. z-fighting?


    i use geomipmapping and skirts for crack fixing. The skirts are stored in a vertexbuffer with the rest of the chunk data and get drawn when the terrain chunk is drawn. The problem is that the skirts shine through the terrain geometry. It looks alot like z fighting. Any idea how to fix that? GL_DEPTH_TEST and z-writes are enabled.

    thanks alot!


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    Re: skirt shines through surface. z-fighting?

    The problem is zbuffer precision.

    Move the near clip plane out a bit if you can.

    If you don't need a skirt don't use one.

    If you need the skirt give the skirt the same surface normal as the polygon of the terrain.

    You may want to use polygon offset on the skirt if all else fails.

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