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Thread: OpenGL with VC++ - Right from scratch

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    OpenGL with VC++ - Right from scratch

    I know c,c++,and some mechanical designing softwares like IDEAS. I want to do designing on my own through vc++. And I need great support from OpenGL. So please teach me drawing, rendering and more with OpenGL from scratch because I dont know anythig about OpenGL coding. Please suggest me some online lessons and get me code for some good programs on OpenGL using VC++.

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    Re: OpenGL with VC++ - Right from scratch


    I also know I-deas and I am trying to build a nice visualization program using OpenGL and VC++.

    I am only beggining this project, but I already have a good interface.

    There is a lot of resources on the web. First you should try the links here at the OpenGL site.

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