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Thread: Skybox Question

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    Skybox Question

    If i drew a skybox which would completly surround my world, would it look like dog poop or would it come out all nice like i applied the texture to a small box?? The box that would surround my world would have to be massive, so i was wondering if i applied the textures to it, would they look right? I've tried it, and it looks like poop. SO i was wondering if it is my code or are textures that are applied to large quads generally poop?? Forgive my over-use of the word poop, i could've used a stronger word

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    Re: Skybox Question

    You don't have to have it surround your whole world. It can be a tiny little box if you want. Just draw it first with depth writing turned off, then draw your scene with depth writing turned on.


    How it looks is pretty much dependent on how good the skybox texture is and its resolution.

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    Re: Skybox Question

    Yes. If your skybox looks like s**t, it's either because it's not centered to the camera or your textures aren't made correctly.


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