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Thread: What "parts" do game consist of?

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    What "parts" do game consist of?


    I'm just curious about how a typical game is structured. What "parts" do OpenGl games consist of (Objectloader.....etc) ?

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    Re: What "parts" do game consist of?

    In game engine you need to control things like:
    -Entities (e.g. monsters, lights, cameras)
    I'd suggest something like manager for everyone.

    Furthermore you need stuff like:
    -Scripting language
    -UI (User Interface, that is windows, menus etc)
    -Input/Output (console, binds etc)
    -Net support

    And some low level things like:
    -Convenient structures to keep data
    -Memory management

    OpenGL has very few to do with game engine, since graphics is not the biggest part of game engine.
    You can encapsulate whole OpenGL specific code in few classes derived from virtual ones (for example class that keeps track of state changes), so you're not OpenGL dependent.

    Hope it helps.
    I may have missed something, but I believe those I mentioned are most important in professional game engine.

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