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Thread: oglsl and geforce3 ti...

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    oglsl and geforce3 ti...

    The geforce3 ti should have supported the oglsl?
    Like this case, the possibility of knowing how it is?

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    Re: oglsl and geforce3 ti...

    check out

    this awesome site lets you see which cards support what!

    heres the list of cards that support glsl 1.00:

    i saw a geforce3 there. make sure your drivers are current:

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    Re: oglsl and geforce3 ti...

    WTF ?

    I saw the list, and Geforce 3 and 4 are clearly listed, but HOW? How should a Geforce 3 be able to run glSlang code? I mean, how many restrictions must there be?
    Anyone there, using glSlang on a Geforce 3/4 ?

    GLIM - Immediate Mode Emulation for GL3

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    Re: oglsl and geforce3 ti...

    Jan, i must admit i thought the same thing! but then again, i havnt really fooled with glsl yet, so i dont know what to expect ... still waiting for it to mature a bit.

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    Re: oglsl and geforce3 ti...

    Thats strange. I have a 2nd system (1Ghz with a GF3) which I use for low-end compliance testing. I never thought on using glslang on it, but after reading this post I tried.

    The system uses the latest official forceware drivers version 61.77 and while it is true that ARB_shading_language_100 is exposed by the driver, ARB_fragment_shader isnt.

    So you can use glslang only for vertex processing (this is probably just emulated in software), but not for fragment processing on a GF3/4.

    To really start with glslang you need at least a Geforce FX 5200 or Radeon 9600(SE).

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    Re: oglsl and geforce3 ti...

    yup, youve got the vertex shader:

    but not the fragment shader:

    thanks for that, lgrosshennig.

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