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Thread: OpenGL++ ?

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    OpenGL++ ?

    I have heard of something called OpenGL++ and was wanting to get more information on it. Could anyone point me to a site where I can read a little more about it?


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    Re: OpenGL++ ?

    This sounds very strange....
    Where did you hear this?

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    Re: OpenGL++ ?

    OpenGL++ was an attempt to build a scenegraph (retained-mode) layer on top of the (immediate-mode) OpenGL API. It was supposed to be something like a standardized Cosmo, I think, possibly even based on the same codebase.

    There was a working group of the ARB looking into this circa 1997, but AFAIK it's died the death. Generally speaking, designing a good retained-mode API is a lot harder than it looks, and historically it's been very hard to get them accepted. Game shops are scared of the (perceived) overhead, and all the big CAD vendors already have their own scene management code.

    Incidentally, the much-delayed Fahrenheit Scene Graph has gone the same way - they're going to put out what they currently have then drop it, citing lack of ISV interest.

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